ScottishPower Gets To Grips With
Process Safety

HSE Case Study Highlights ScottishPower's Innovation in Process Safety

ScottishPower set up an Asset Management Department tasked with learning from others about asset integrity, process safety management and key performance indicators. ScottishPower has taken this learning and good practice to make dramatic improvements in its management of risk across their operations.

The Health & Safety Executive has produced an in-depth case study highlighting ScottishPower's innovative and award-winning approach to process safety that has delivered demonstrable cost savings and facilitated operational excellence.

An effective IT strategy and system lies at the heart of ScottishPower's success with process safety management. Early on in the programme, a partnership was formed with Lockheed Martin (now Leidos) to develop an integrated data management system that consolidated performance data for KPIs from core operational business applications used to manage the business and asset integrity.

This information is not standalone and is part of a complete programme covering plant, people and processes. It sits within an overarching leadership framework where senior management has a good understanding of process safety and the direct links to business performance that has ultimately delivered:

  • 29% reduction in Operations and Maintenance costs
  • 22% increase in Plant Availability
  • 50% reduction in Equivalent Forced Outage Rates (EFOR) and
  • A reduction in its Annual Insurance Premium.

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